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ROAS up (almost) overnight


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Sembot started the project with the Client (Interior furnishing) in October 2020. The account audit showed, among other things, that the client’s campaigns competed against each other for the same keywords. 

Comparison Shopping Service was a term that our customer didn’t even hear about – so after a quick program introduction, we’ve launched Sembot CSS to get additional 20% advantage over clients’ competition.

We excluded the worst performing campaigns and focused only on the most profitable brands and products. We also opted out of some general advertising strategies that were previously used by the client.

Our PPC team used Sembot’s tools to create a product campaign in the SPAG model (Single Product Ad Group strategy model). Thanks to this approach, we were able to optimise the budget for each product separately. We used a proprietary script that allowed our PPC team to exclude the negative keywords (and less relevant queries).

In September, the ROAS on the client’s account was 1760.25% and in October, the ROAS began to decline. In November, after Sembot’s team implemented the new strategy, the Client noticed an increase in ROAS by 2212,10% and had similar results in December.

The campaigns were optimised to such an extent that with much lower advertising costs, the customer generated much more revenue. Results are clearly visible in the charts

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