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Don’t use CSS

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Best solution for digital agencies and eCommerce brands

Don’t use CSS
Become one instead

Best solution for digital agencies and eCommerce brands

Companies saving with Sembot

Branded CSS is a product aggregator, that is owned by an eCommerce brand. It lets the brand display its products on the comparator website and expose the name of the ecommerce twice on the product ads on Google and drive additional free traffic from Google Ads. The status of the CSS is officially approved by Google.

White Label CSS is a product aggregator and price comparison engine that is owned by the digital agency. The agencies are using White Label CSS to expose their name on all their clients’ ads in Google as well as to secure additional margin removal on CPC for their clients. It’s a price comparison website approved in Google CSS Programme.

Expose your brand

Your name of the brand on each of thousands of ads displayed in Google Product Listing Ads. Whether you are an agency, affiliate partner or freelancer that wants to generate more leads or eCommerce that cares about reach, additional space on ad will be your advantage.

Generate free traffic

Every click in the “By” field made by users, sends them or your clients’ products catalogue that meets the search criteria. This click is free!

Remove 10-20% Google margin on each click!

By running your ads through your own CSS you’re removing Google’s additional margin and increasing your Ad Buying Power.

Ads Performance

CPC Cost

Leverage the most powerful feed tools on the market!

With Branded and White Label CSS you get access to our Ads Suite that will let you optimise your and your clients’ feeds fast and easily, which will significantly increase your ads performance and reduce the cost of CPC.

Then you will be able to quickly generate advanced campaigns for your products saving your time on manual campaign setup.

Sembot CSS

The cheapest way to launch CSS services with Sembot CSS. For small and medium e-commerce.

CSS Brand

+189 EUR Monthly

+ setup fee 609 EUR

Branded CSS for ecommerce that want to display own brand name on each of the product ads twice (adds brand name to the "by" field).

White Label CSS

+369 EUR Monthly

+ setup fee 1209 EUR

CSS service to agencies that want to offer the CSS access for their clients.

* The prices provided do not include VAT

Case studies

Check how we can improve performance, reduce costs and boost ROAS with Sembot CSS Services.

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