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Product Feed Optimiser

With just a few clicks, combined with built-in rules and AI support, you can transform your product feed into an exceptional and high-quality foundation that significantly impacts the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Having high-quality product feed data translates to improved ad quality ratings, resulting in lower costs and increased campaign effectiveness.

As a result, you can save valuable time through the utilization of alerts and advanced manual or AI-driven rules.

Campaign Generator

Deep campaign segmentation delivers exceptional outcomes and empowers you with complete control over your budget and product priorities, taking into account crucial factors such as margin, effectiveness, category, brand, or any other relevant parameter. All of this is based on granular data at the individual product level, ensuring optimal campaign performance.

As a result, you can achieve effective management of your advertising budget, eliminate underperforming products, and amplify the visibility and performance of your best-converting bestsellers.

Competitors Price Monitoring

In rapidly changing markets, prices play a crucial role in influencing purchasing decisions across various e-commerce industries. With Sembot Suite, you gain the capability to track and monitor price changes and fluctuations over time, empowering you to make informed, data-driven decisions. Having real-time visibility into price dynamics enables you to respond swiftly to market trends and competitor pricing strategies. By effectively managing your pricing strategy, you can attract customers, drive sales, and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

As a result, you can achieve flexible and immediate management of pricing policies for thousands of products, enabling you to make adjustments "on the spot" as needed.

Keywords, products and ads monitoring

Stay ahead of the competition by monitoring their paid campaigns, including their ads and products. With Sembot Suite, you can easily track the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for your own products and take immediate action to optimize your product pages, resulting in improved ad rank quality scores and better overall campaign performance. Gain a competitive edge with real-time insights and data-driven decisions through Sembot Suite.

The outcome is the ability to make data-driven decisions on how to allocate advertising budgets effectively. With Sembot Suite, you can confidently distribute your advertising budgets based on accurate insights and ensure that your marketing efforts are focused on the channels that yield the best results.

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AI-powered tools and advanced rules streamline your workflow. In a few clicks you will improve your feed and create deeply granulated campaign architectures for thousands of products.

Result: Instead of working on feed and advertising accounts for many hours, it will take you 5 minutes  to set-up a perfect campaign architecture.

Advertising platforms are moving towards automation and simplification, thus giving marketers less and less control. Thanks to Sembot Suite you have full control over every feed parameter.

The result: a perfect match of data for machine learning systems and ad platform algorithms, which means higher ad performance.

You have complete control over your product feed and campaigns, leveraging advanced manual rules, creative script support, and AI-powered query capabilities.

Result: Streamlined workflow and comprehensive analytical control, empowering you at the product level.

Managing the feed quality for thousands of products across multiple advertising platforms and marketplaces can be a daunting task. However, with Sembot Suite, you can automate the majority of these tedious tasks using advanced rules and AI capabilities.

The result: an impeccably optimized feed that serves as a strong foundation for your advertising campaigns. Achieve a perfect alignment with search phrases, resulting in an improved AdRank and ultimately reducing your CPC costs.

Sembot AI will improve workflow of:

A must-have for every e-commerce and every performance agency

Find out what benefits you can get thanks to the CSS service!

Sembot as a ChatGPT plug-in!

Sembot Suite


75 EUR Monthly

Additional support

Self service

Sembot Suite tools managed by you.


Active Service

+159 EUR Monthly

Sembot Suite tools managed by you with our active support.

Active support 2h /month:


+449 EUR Monthly

Sembot Suite tools. Feed and campaign management by Sembot Team experts.

Platformy reklamowe:


Sembot CSS

The cheapest way to launch CSS services with Sembot CSS. For small and medium e-commerce.

CSS Brand

264 EUR


+ setup fee 609 EUR


+189 EUR Monthly

with any Sembot Suite subscription

+ setup fee 609 EUR

Branded CSS for ecommerce that want to display own brand name on each of the product ads twice (adds brand name to the "by" field).

White Label CSS

444 EUR


+ setup fee 1209 EUR


+369 EUR Monthly

with any Sembot Suite subscription

+ setup fee 1209 EUR

CSS service to agencies that want to offer the CSS access for their clients.

* The prices provided do not include VAT


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