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How to integrate ChatGPT-4 with Google Ads account and Sembot Suite

Step 1

Create a Sembot Suite account

  • 1.

    Go to app.sembot.com and log in to the Sembot application or create a new account.
  • 2.

    Start with a free trial or choose an individual plan and add you credit card
  • 3.

    Create your first project

Step 2

Create Google Ads connection

  • 1.

    Go to "Connections"
  • 2.

    Click "Connect your existing account" in Google Ads module
  • 3.

    Click "Sign in with Google"
  • 4.

    Sign in to your google account and allow to access
  • 5.

    Click once again "Connect your existing account" in Google Ads module
  • 6.

    Select added connection and choose account. Finally, click "Connect"

Get back to ChatGPT and explore the limitless potential that awaits you!

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