Sembot Product Ads Suite

We give you free access to a set of tools which will help you to easily optimise your product feed and automate the generation of very efficient granular Google Ads campaigns.

This way you will save time (by a lot!), lower your costs and increase sales.

Sembot Product Feed Optimiser ™

The best feed optimiser available on the market!

Simple, yet sophisticated solution which will leverage all your activities with a product feed to the next level. Save time and get full control over thousands of products.

Automated Campaigns Generator

Generate granular campaigns with a couple of clicks (setup time reduction from days/weeks to couple of minutes). Automated and powerful scripts to build and manage a campaign structure, run A/B tests and much more.

The best tool that automate creation of:

Our products

For E-commerce

Affordable and accessible advertising strategies reserved for the biggest - until now!


29 monthly

For Brands

A perfect solution to promote your ecommerce brand


189 monthly

For Agencies

White Label CSS + Sembot Product Ads Suite = Supercharge your ads!


379 monthly

Sembot Ultimate + WL CSS: from 549€ monthly

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